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Design led combining the visual with the functional

A stunning yet functional kitchen should be at the centre of every home. At Palmer Campbell Ltd our emphasis is on innovation and design, quality and craftsmanship.

The function of a kitchen is paramount, it needs to work well for the user with the ability to move seamlessly from one task to another. A great deal of thought and planning goes into our designs with a view to the operational function of the kitchen. This we will do in close consultation with you the client.

The visual effect of a kitchen is of equal importance to the functionality of the space. It is also very personal. We can source the products and materials, appliances and finishes that you prefer so that you are not limited to those offered by a sole kitchen manufacturer or tied agent. We can advise you on what works well and what works less well both functionally and visually.

On a practical note, cleaning and longevity are often overlooked aspects of designing and installing a kitchen and can determine the style and type of products that you end up going with. There’s little point installing a beautiful kitchen that is difficult to clean or that wears quickly.

Our aim is to provide you with an excellent product that is easy to use and will last, as we appreciate that a kitchen is a major purchase and you don’t want to have to replace it too often. Getting it right the first time is therefore a really good idea.

We will design your kitchen in partnership with you, listening to what it is that you actually want, offering innovative and creative solutions.

With our experienced team we provide a bespoke kitchen installation service that is flexible enough to cope with any kitchen design. The benefit of this is that you can have the kitchen you desire without being restricted to a limited selection of products offered by specific manufacturers or tied agents.

Sourcing Products and Appliances
Based on your brief, we will source the products (cabinets, countertops, flooring etc) and appliances (cookers, hobs, refrigeration etc) that you want. We will guide you through options to fit your budget and give alternative ideas and solutions without your having to compromise on quality.

Palmer Campbell Ltd will complete all elements of your kitchen installation including: cabinet making and /or fitting, joinery, plumbing, electrical installation, tiling, flooring, lighting, heating, fitting of appliances etc. All work is conducted to the highest standard by skilled, experienced and qualified trades people with whom we have long standing relationships.

Particular attention is given to the quality of design and maximising the functionality of your kitchen. We can offer a complete package for your kitchen, from planning and design to installation and finishing touches, including extensions or redefining existing space. We can work from existing plans from your choice of supplier or we can work with you to create the kitchen that you have always desired.