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Property Managers

Meeting your building needs full maintenance service

With over 15 years experience of Property Maintenance in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, our maintenance service is a cost effective approach to maintaining your property portfolio.

We create a Condition Report examining your current maintenance arrangements and the overall condition of your property. Within this is a comprehensive property audit, detailing every area of your property. This saves us time and you money when it comes to maintaining your property and has a number of benefits:

  • Identifies priority jobs based on urgency and cost
  • Reminds as to when jobs will need to be revisited
  • Serves as an instant reference tool for future work

Following this we design a Maintenance Schedule (either comprehensive or focused on a single area). We believe strongly in preventative maintenance which both in the short and longer term is usually cheaper than the alternative.

Combined with or aside from our maintenance service we can refurbish, renovate or convert your property to help you maximise your rental income or to simply increase the future capital value and desirability of the property.We can tailor our service to any budget.

If a requirement of your property we can carry out all HMO work.

Palmer Campbell Ltd can offer a Continuing Maintenance Management service for property managers and landlords who find themselves too busy to organise the regular maintenance required for upkeep of their property portfolio.

We utilise an established, reliable, skilled and experienced workforce with whom we have built strong relations over the years and whose work is of a very high standard.